Project NameThe Nautical
DeveloperHao Yuan Investment Ptd Ltd(Development Manager-MCC Land(Singapore) Pte Ltd
Site AreaTBA
No. Of Units435 Residential Units
Tenure99 years
Expected TOP28th Feb 2016
Unit Types
  • 1-bedroom: 420 to 570 sqft (57 Units)

  • 2-bedroom: 764 to 1001 sqft (64 Units)

  • 3-bedroom Compact: 829 to 1281 sqft (148 Units)

  • 3-bedroom Premium: 1119 to 1399 sqft (102 Units)

  • 4-bedroom: 1593 to 1830 sqft (16 Units)

  • 4-bedroom Penthouse: 1561 to 1819 sqft (16 Units)

  • 4-bedroom Dual Key Penthouse: 1701 to 1916 sqft (32 Units)
    Piled foundation and/or other approved foundation system

    Reinforced concrete and/or steel structure.

    3 WALLS
    a) External : – Reinforced concrete and/or pre-cast Reinforced concrete and/or masonry
    b) Internal : – Masonry and/or cast in-situ Reinforced concrete wall and/or pre-cast Reinforced concrete wall and/or light weight concrete blocks and/or drywall partition

    4 ROOFS
    a) Pitched Roof:-Metal Roofing on structural steel framing and/or reinforced concrete slab with appropriate insulation and waterproofing system and/or skylight with laminated glass.
    b) Flat Roof :-Reinforced concrete roof and/or structural steel roofing system with appropriate insulation and waterproofing system.

    a) Unit
    i) Living, Dining, Bedroom: Skim coat with paint finish and/or bulkhead (where applicable).
    ii) Hallway to Bedroom/ Entry to Living, Kitchen, Bathroom, Utility, WC, Powder Room, Attic Storey Private Enclosed Space (PES) and Balcony (where applicable): Ceiling board and/ or ceiling box-up and/or cement/sand plaster and/or skim coat with paint finish to designated area.

    b) Common area:
    -i) Basement lift lobby to 5th storey lift lobby: Ceiling board finish and/or skim coat and/or cement/sand plaster with paint finish.
    ii) Basement Carpark, Ramp and staircase: skim coat and/or cement/sand plaster with paint finish.

    a) Wall
    i) Unit:-
    • Living , Dining, Bedroom, Hallway to bedroom & Utility: Paint finish to exposed surface only
    • Bathrooms, Powder Room: Tile to designated exposed surface below false ceiling
    • Kitchen, WC: Tile and/or skim coat and/or cement/sand plaster with paint finish (up to false ceiling and at designated exposed areas only)
    • Private Enclosed Space (PES), Balcony, Planter and Roof Terrace: Cement/sand plaster and/or skim coat with paint finish.
    ii) Common Area:
    -Internal Wall
    • Basement Lift Lobby and 1st storey lift lobby : Stone and/or tile and/or cement/sand plaster and/or skim coat with paint finish
    • 2nd to 5th storey common lift lobby: Tiles and/or cement/sand plaster and/or skim coat with paint finish
    • Common Corridor, Staircase and Basement Carpark: Cement/sand plaster and/or skim coat with paint finish.
    External Wall
    • All external Walls including Roof Terrace, Balcony and Private Enclosed Space (PES): Cement/sand plaster with emulsion and/or spray textured paint.

    b) Floor
    i) Unit:-
    • Living, Dining, Kitchen, Bathroom, Powder Room, Entrance Foyer, WC, Utility, Linen, Hallway: Tile with skirting
    • Bedroom and Internal Unit Staircase: Timber flooring with skirting
    • Private Enclosed Space (PES), Balcony, Roof Terrace Tiles and/or planter and/or cement/sand screed to Architect’s design
    • A/C Ledges: Cement/sand screed
    ii) Common Area:-
    • Basement lift lobby and 1st to 5th storey lift lobby: Stone and/or tile and/or cement/sand screed

    7 WINDOW
    -All windows of the apartment will be aluminium framed window with glass.

    8 DOORS
    a) Main Entrance Approved fire-rated timber door
    b) Bedroom, Bathroom, Powder Room Hollow core timber swing door and/ or sliding door
    c) Kitchen & Linen Timber and/ or aluminium framed sliding door and/or swing door to Architect’s design (where applicable)
    d) WC & Utility Slide and Fold door
    e) Balcony, Terrace and Roof Terrace, Private Enclosed Space (PES) Aluminium framed sliding and/ or swing door and/or slide and fold door.

    a) Master Bath
    • 1 shower compartment complete with shower mixer set
    • 1 water closet
    • 1 vanity top complete with 1 countertop basin and 1 basin mixer
    • 1 boxed mirror
    • 1 towel rail
    • 1 towel hook
    • 1 toilet paper holder
    b) Other Bath (where applicable)
    • 1 shower compartment with shower mixer
    • 1 water closet
    • 1 vanity top complete with 1 countertop basin and 1 basin mixer
    • 1 mirror
    • 1 towel rail
    • 1 towel hook
    • 1 toilet paper holder
    c) WC (where applicable):-
    • 1 water closet
    • 1 wash basin with tap (where applicable)
    • 1 shower set with bib tap
    • 1 toilet paper holder
    d) Kitchen or Penthouse Studio Suite (where applicable)
    • 1 washing machine bib tap
    e) Private Enclosed Space (PES) or Roof Terrace (where applicable):
    • 1 cold water bib tap

    • Wiring for lighting and power shall be concealed conduit except for spaces within DB’s closet and area above false ceiling, which shall be exposed conduit/ trunking.
    • See Electrical Schedule for details

    TV/ telephone points shall be provided in accordance with the Electrical Schedule.

    Lightning Protection System shall be provided in accordance with 55555:2010

    a) External Wall. External emulsion painting and/ or spray textured paint coating
    b) Internal Wall: Emulsion paint

    Waterproofing shall be provided to floor of Bathroom, Kitchen, WC, Utility, Private Enclosed Space (PES), Balcony, Roof Terrace, Reinforced Concrete (RC) Roof, Planter, Linen, Landscape Deck, Basement Carpark (where applicable)

    a) Surface driveway: Stone paver and/ or tile and/ or pre-mix and/or concrete floor to external driveway at designated areas.
    b) Basement Carpark and ramp to basement Carpark: Reinforced concrete slab with floor hardener

    a) Swimming Pool – Lap Pool and Free Form Pool with Poolside Deck
    b) Children’s Wading Pool
    c) Tennis Court
    d) Children’s Adventure Play
    e) Clubhouse – Sky Dining and Sky Gym
    f) Outdoor Lounge
    g) Water Feature
    h) Poolside Pavilion
    i) Outdoor Fitness Station
    j) Themed Roof Garden
    k) Putting Green
    l) Garden Patio
    m) Spa
    n) BBQ/ Grill
    o) Themed Rest Area
    p) Themed Circulation

    Management Office and Guard House

    a) Kitchen Cabinets and appliances :
    Solid surface countertop complete with high and low level kitchen cabinet and stainless steel sink with kitchen tap, cooker hob, hood and built-in oven.(EXCEPT 1-Bedroom & Penthouse Studio Suite). Electric Induction Hob (1-Bedroom, Dry Kitchen of 3-Bedroom Premium, 4-Bedroom & Penthouse, and Penthouse Studio Suite)

    b) Bedroom wardrobe :
    Built in wardrobe

    c) Water heater: Hot water supply shall be provided to all Bathrooms (EXCEPT WC)

    d) Security System.
    -i) Audio Intercom System to Apartment Units
    ii) Card Access to pedestrian gate
    iii) Carpark Barrier System at main entrance near Guardhouse
    iv) Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) general surveillance to Basement Lift Lobby and designated common areas.

    e) Gas supply:
    Town gas is supplied to units with Gas Burner hob and gas heater in kitchen (IDCEPT 1-Bedroom, Dry Kitchen of 3-Bedroom Premium, 4-Bedroom & Penthouse, and Penthouse Studio Suite)

    f) PES fencing :
    Metal railing and/or timber fence and/or planter with Gate to Architect’s design

    g) Balcony and Roof Terrace:
    Metal Railing and/ or fixed glass panel and/or Reinforced Concrete (RC) balustrade to Architect’s design

    h) Air-Conditioning :
    Wall mounted fan coil unit air-conditioning system to Living, Dining, and Bedroom.


    1) Air-Conditioning System
    To ensure good working condition of the air-conditioning system, the system has to be maintained and cleaned by the Purchaser on a regular basis. This includes the cleaning of filters, cleaning the condensate pipes and re charging of refrigerant. The purchaser is advised to engage his/her own contractor to service the air-conditioning system on a regular basis in order to ensure good working condition of the system.

    2) Mechanical Ventilation System
    The mechanical ventilation system for the toilet exhaust system is to be maintained by the Purchaser on a regular basis.

    3) Cable Television
    The purchaser is liable to pay annual fee, subscription fee and such other fee to the Starhub Cable Vision Ltd (SCV) and/or Internet Service Provider (ISP) and/or any other relevant party or authorities. The Vendor is not responsible to make arrangements with any of the said parties for the service connection for their respective subscription channels.

    4) Internet Access
    If Purchaser requires internet access, the Purchaser will have to make direct arrangement with the internet service provider and/ or such relevant entities/ authorities for internet service to the Unit and to make all necessary payments to the Internet Service Provider and/or such relevant authorities.

    5) Warranties
    Where warranties are given by manufacturers and/or contractors and/or suppliers of any of the equipment and/or appliances installed by the Vendor at the Unit, the Vendor shall assign to the Purchaser such warranties at the time when possession of the unit is delivered to the Purchaser.

    6) Wardrobes, Kitchen Cabinets, Fan Coil Units, Electrical Points, Door Swing Positions and Plaster Ceiling Boards.
    The layout/ location of wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, fan coil units, electrical points, electrical accessories, audio handsets, door swing positions, plaster ceiling boards and facade/ balcony/ roof terrace/ private enclosed space colour scheme are subject to Architect’s sole discretion and final design.

    7) Tiles
    Selected tile sizes and tile surface flatness cannot be perfect and subject to acceptable range described in Singapore Standards SS 483:2000.

    8) Timber
    Timber is natural material containing grain/ vein and tonal differences. Thus it is not possible to achieve total consistency of colour and grain in its selection and installation. Timber joint contraction/ expansion movement due to varying air moisture content is also a natural phenomenon.

    9) Materials, Fittings, Equipment, Finishes, Installations and Appliances
    The brand, colour and model of all materials, fittings, and equipment, finishes, installations and appliances supplied shall be provided subject to Architect’s selection, market availability and sole discretion of the vendor.

    10) Recreation Facilities
    All recreation facilities are subject to change/ approval by relevant authorities and/or technical requirement/ compliance.

    11) Open Roof Terrace, Open Terrace, Balcony and Private Enclosed Space (PES)
    Open roof terrace, open terrace, balcony and PES which are open or covered by trellises should not be covered by roofs. Covering of the open roof terrace, open terrace, balcony and Private Enclosed Space (PES) constitutes additional Gross Floor Area (GFA), which requires the necessary planning permission from the Authority and consensus of the Management Corporation.

    12) False Ceiling
    The space provision allows for the optimal function and installation of M&E services. Access panels are allocated for ease of maintenance access to concealed M&E equipment for regular cleaning purpose. Where removal of equipment is needed, ceiling works would be required.

    13) Disclaimer
    While every reasonable care has been taken in preparing this website and in constructing the models and showflats, the Developer and Marketing Agents cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions. Visual Representations, models, showflat displays and illustrations, photographs, art renderings and other graphic representations and references are intended to portray only artist’s impressions of the development and cannot be regarded as representations of fact.

    All information, specifications, renderings, visual representations and plans are correct at the time of publication and are subject to changes as may be required by the developer and/or the competent authorities and shall not form part of any offer or contract nor constitute any warranty by the developer and shall not be regarded as statements or representation of fact. All facts are subject to amendments as directed and/or approved by the building authorities. All areas are approximate measurements only and subject to Final Survey. The Sale and Purchase Agreement shall form the entire agreement between the Developer and the Purchaser and shall supersede all statements, representations or promises made prior to the signing of the Sale & Purchase Agreement and shall in no way be modified by any statements, representations or promises made by the developer or the Marketing Agents.